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About Us

We dream of a world where deaf people can independently tell their stories and live the life they want.

Anlatan Eller (in English Telling Hands) is a social entrepreneurship providing education to the deaf community with the help of Turkish Sign Language. We are bringing a solution to equality in opportunities experienced by deaf individuals with our Turkish Sign Language supported education since 19 December 2016.


- We are supporting capacity developed for deaf individuals and heating individuals to increase the education and employment opportunities of deaf people; we are organising education at the individual and corporate level and develop new methods.
- We are creating equal communication-based alternative education fields for deaf people.
- We are building bridges between public, private and civil society sector to support full participation of the deaf individuals to life.
- We are developing solutions with the public and private sector to increase accessibility.

Communication and Meeting

- We are laying the ground to increase communication and mutual interaction between deaf and hearing individuals.
- We are designing innovative communication paths that support meeting and sharing.
- We are supporting families with deaf members and children to embrace the differences of these individuals.

Influencing and Awareness

- We are supporting the social transformation to eliminate the barriers to enable deaf people to realise their potential. For this purpose, we are raising awareness about deaf individuals and we are supporting deaf individuals to express themselves.



2017 - Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards


2018 - First Step Fund Support
2018 - TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İş Var! Second Prize
2018 - Engelsiz Bilişim Education Rewards
2018 - İbrahim Bodur Social Entrepreneurship Awards Early Stage


2019 - Sabancı Foundation Changemakers 10th Season
2019 - European Union Sivil Düşün Programmme Organisation Support