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Last updated on May 3rd, 2020 at 05:14 pm

We dream of a world where deaf people can independently tell their stories and live the life they want.

Anlatan Eller is a social entrepreneurship providing education to the deaf community with the help of Turkish Sign Language. We are supporting inequality of opportunities experienced by deaf people with our Turkish Sign Language supported education and providing solutions since 19 December 2016.

We have completed our first work to provide solutions to inequality of opportunities in education in Mathematics field of KPSS for Disabled and we have organised class videos on social media and class education in İstanbul with collaboration with Municipality of Şişli. Our students have managed to increase the individual success rate at a high-school level by 56% and at the university level by 45% in EKPSS in April 2018.

While generating solutions to create equality of opportunities in education, we are working for deaf women to gain their own financial freedom!

Lack of communication is the greatest barrier. For this purpose, we are organising corporate and in-group Turkish Sign Language education and adopt deaf culture as our main purpose.

With our education team consisting of deaf people, we have introduced Turkish Sign Language to 186 hearing individuals with 4 corporate and 13 in-group education and we have employed 4 deaf educators.

We have realised that inequality of opportunities in education experienced by deaf people affected their social life, work-life as well as their parenting processes!

Deaf children are directly exposed to inequality of opportunities and CODA children who are hearing but have deaf parents

are indirectly exposed to this inequality of opportunities. We wanted to create areas for children to notice their dreams and discover their competences. We wanted to include hearing children in this area and give those children an area to embrace their differences.

The Journey of Cracker is a one-day event series organised by Anlatan Eller Voluntary Team. The first event of The Journey of Cracker was organised in April 2018 and until today, 3 events were organised and 82 children and 64 parents were reached.

The Journey of Cracker One-Day Festival is organised to reach more children and to help children to discover their field of interest by creating a large area for the children to experience different activities.

The Journey of Cracker One-Day Festival organised on 15 September 2019 in Kadıköy between 11:00-18:00

hosted 650 individuals! 10 different workshops were organised at the festival and 19 deaf and 19 hearing voluntary worked together!

While the Journey of Cracker continues to be a voluntary project of Anlatan Eller voluntary team, we were able to realise this festival with the support of donators and sponsors. 13,236TL donation was collected from 72 individuals and we spend 7,980.55TL for The Journey of Cracker One-Day Festival. We allocated 5,255.45 TL to use in The Journey of Cracker events.

Meeting with Turkish Sign Language workshop undertook two CODA Cracker with the age of 4 and 7 and taught Turkish Sign Language to the festival visitors.

In the festival that focuses on psychomotor skill development, creative thinking and discovery, Crackers made their own slimes, seed balls by touching the mud, soap, silent books, electric circuits and other things.

Crackers followed the rhythm in Body Percussion workshop with cat food inside the bottles and fed 83 stray cats after the festival. We had visitors from Ankara, Eskişehir, Kütahya and İzmir as well as high participation from İstanbul.

We would like to thank our festival sponsors Municipality of Kadıköy, Aslı Börek, Can Children’s Publication, Hakmar Express, Kale Holding, Mazars Denge and Tatbak.

We hope to reach out to more children…

Pelin Baykan
Founder of Anlatan Eller